General Practice Marketing

Over 20 years in the making

Your Health  started in 1996 as a printed newsletter produced exclusively for general practice. Now we’re growing it into a  fully fledged  marketing platform to meet the needs of Australian medical practices.

We take practice information to the next level

Practice Information for patients is about more than just printing the required information on a sheet of paper. Australia’s best practices have realised the benefits of incorporating their practice information into a broader patient communication & education tool.


We know your time is precious

As the old saying goes, you can try to do everything yourself poorly or stick to what you do best!

Outsourcing tasks such as IT and patient communications is a great idea as it allows you to focus on the day-to-day tasks that demand your attention.

If you’re busy and struggling to keep up, we can help to relieve the pressure.

We make practice marketing simple

At Your Health, we pride ourselves on our service and we survey our subscribers annually to see how they rate us.

Even better, you can solve multiple requirements with one provider – saving you time and money.

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Australia’s only digital and creative marketing platform designed to cultivate growth and help medical centres thrive.

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