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Inform Patients about the Services That Matter to Them

Send health newsletters and targeted messages to patients using branded email templates at the push of a button.

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Simple and beautiful messaging

Send merticulously designed email messages that automatically match your branding, promote your practice’s services and encourage patients to proactively visit the surgery.


Add value for patients and the practice

Email is the perfect tool for building customer relationships. Now you can use it to educate patients about the benefits of relevant services to them, without the hassle.

Target the right patients

Generate a tailored list of recipients from your database based on age, gender and location and send them information specific to their healthcare needs.

Boost engagement with your medical practice by encouraging healthy behaviour


Educate patients about living well and making the most of your clinic’s services

Schedule delivery

Create your emails from the branded templates set up for you, or request new ones and we’ll add what you need. Build a list of newsletter subscribers and they will automatcially recieve a monthly digest of the latest articles from the Your Health newsletter.


Test Mode

Send test emails before the real thing so you can see how messages appear on different devices and be assured that the content is right to drive patients into the practice to access your services.

Complies with the Australian SPAM Act (2003)

Emails templates are designed with clean, good-looking design in your practice colours and logo, with practice information and a functional unsubscribe facility


No contract

There is no ongoing contract to use the our email marketing service which has been designed especially for general practice. We believe in delivering continuous and ongoing value, but you are free to cancel at any time.

Technical bliss

No need to deal with the complexity of mail clients and server issues. Don’t spend hours and days trying to use complicated email design software and platforms. Our email module is designed to be clean, simple and hassle-free.


Detailed logs and analytics

Check how many emails have been opened, deleted, bounced, forwarded. See which messages are the most effective and measure your ROI by tracking the number of direct appointment bookings.*

* Coming soon


Look amazing, everywhere

Your Helath have undetaken extenstive testing and crafted email templates that are work well on any device; including desktop computers, mobile phones, iPads, and other tablets.

We understand how email marketing can grow medical clinics

Your Health have been helping practices with marketing and health communications for more than 20 years. We currently work with over 200 independent general practices across Australia to enhance their business using simple low-touch digital solutions

The regular newsletters have been great to keep patients thinking of the practice and we’ve seen an increase in appointments after sending emails on flu vaccinations and health checks. I would definitely recommend other practice managers to give it a go.

Joan Deeds

Practice Manager, Olympic Medical Practice

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Let your patient’s know how you can help!

Every single email message includes a button allowing patients to make appointments online using your existing booking provider.


It’s April and flu vaccines are free of charge to some patients. Now you can send a targeted email to advise patients their fluvax is ready.

Skin checks

After a blistering summer, promote the importance of checking moles and the practice’s skin check capabilities.

Men’s health

Emails about prostate checks and bowel cancer screening can tie in with national campaigns and distributed by age and gender.

Your Questions Answered

Is email marketing effective?

It sure is, and you don’t just have to take our word for it.

In 2015 the Direct Marketing Association conducted a study which showed there was a $38 Return On Investment (ROI) for every $1 spent.

As you well know, it’s hard to cut through the noise and be noticed. That’s why Your Health gives you tools that make growing your practice fast and easy.

Where do I get an email list from?

Under Australian law you are only permitted to undertake email maketing to individuals who are your customers or relevant to your area of business.

This means that you already have a great email list ready to extract from you practice’s clinical database.

Is patient information private and secure?

From a logistical perspective we simply operate as a processor of your data and have no ownership of it. We act on the instructions of the controller (you), which come in the form of interactions with our platform to build email lists and send messages.

We follow accepted standards to protect personal information submitted to us for transmission. Our infrastructure is located in top-tier data centers. Our upstream providers ensure that each of these locations adhere to strict physical and procedural controls which are frequently audited. Applications are routinely scanned for vulnerabilities and an independent penetration test is conducted annually.

Employees, service providers and contractors undergo thorough background checks and sign non-disclosure agreements at the time of hire.

If you have any questions about the security of your information, you can contact us at any time.

Am I legally permitted to email patients?

In short, yes you are. The Spam Act 2003 states that businesses sending emails must have consent, which may be either implied or inferred.

Inferred consent can occur via an existing business or other relationship, where there is reasonable expectation of receiving commercial electronic messages.

For patients who are on the books sending email communications is a reasonable expectation in this day and age.

In addition, all emails include an unsubscribe link and identification of your business to ensure full compliance with the Spam Act 2003.


See How It Works

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Ready to start sending emails that your patients will love?

Get automated newsletters, all our email templates customised to your practice and 10,000 emails for only $25 per month.*

*Beta pricing for early signups

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